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FootFit offers a complete fitness program that includes exercise and nutrition to help you achieve your fitness goal. FootFit members enjoy:

Football Drills

FootFit provides an array of creative and essential football drills that enables players to enhance their skills and learn new techniques. Our CAF certified football coaches design a variety of drills every session so that our members can reach new heights of their talents every time.
Its never too late to live your dream and be the star of the field


Fitness Training

A fitness training that engages all body muscles, our fitness trainers design a perfect program that complements football training and provides full muscle engagement. The exercises are tailored to each member’s abilities, goals and level to provide a personal experience in an exciting group workout session.



A healthy diet is an essential component in achieving your fitness goal, and our trainers will provide you with a personalized nutrition plan that will suit your lifestyle and fitness goal. You can guarantee to lose weight and become healthier through our convenient and complete fitness program while being supervised by professional coaches and nutritionists



Football is among the top sports that burn the most calories and our football training sessions will not only improve your football skills, but will also provide you with the best cardio you can ever experience where you will burn twice as many calories that you would have burned on a treadmill. The best part is you will actually be enjoying running for the ball instead of watching a timer and waiting for your cardio session to end.

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The first ever platform to provide a fusion of football and fitness training for adults.