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Footfit is an innovative method of training that provides a great mix of football & fitness training. Our sessions create a strong and amazing community of members who share passion for football and have the common goal of being fit. We are the first ever fitness platform in Egypt and UAE to provide football training sessions for amateur adults.

FootFit aims at creating the best experience for its members through providing a unique training method and a great service, with no compromises. We ensure that our members are getting the most out of their sessions through professional training sessions with our CAF certified football coaches and our professional fitness trainers. We also focus on being available at the best facilities in Egypt and UAE to give our members the experience and the qualitdeserve. Moreover, FootFit pays attention to all details involved in a session such as carrying the best equipment with the best quality



FootFit was founded by Eslam Magdy, a former professional footballer, who wanted to share the excitement and benefits of football with everyone looking for a great workout routine that never gets boring. To create a complete routine that can substitute a traditional workout session, fitness exercises were perfectly fused with the football training. The outcome was a passion driven, full body workout that leaves members excited for more. From day one, FootFit’s exercise method found success and gained popularity very fast. Today, FootFit branches are found throughout Egypt and in UAE to satisfy the ever growing demand for this one of a kind fitness platform.